Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Sometimes this year a gasoline station construction has started right inside the parish real property and underneath a 400 year-old belfry of St. James the Greater parish church. A certain businessman from Gubat, Sorsogon with the approval of the parish priest and the bishop has leased the place for that purpose. A gasoline station is a start. There will be more. The place should be a heritage site and a non-commercial area. The mayor of bulusan together with his zone planning officer converted the place for commercial purpose leaving the people of Bulusan unaware that this has happened until they woke up one morning the construction has started.

Certain group of people are opposing the project particularly the eGroup who are constantly exchanging thoughts and words of actions to deliver and inspire those who are at the front of the outcry. The group has sent letters to the parish priest, the bishop and the mayor to ask explanations for everything and hopefully stop the constructions and commercialization once and for all. The group has waited only to find out that these people are directly involved in the project. This time, the opposition is going on and the outcry is still very discreet due to fear of retaliation from the mayor who is known to wreak havoc on the people who oppose him.
The group and the people of Bulusan is crying for help to save this beloved legacy. The belfry has been the emblem of the town for four centuries. WE JUST CAN'T GIVE IT UP.

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